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'Secure' Netscape released with vulnerabilities

Netscape has released the newest version of its browser with serious known vulnerabilities, claim developers of the code which forms the basis of the product.

Netscape 8 is based on version 1.0.3 of the open source Mozilla Firefox browser, with features such as a new interface and ability to use the Internet Explorer rendering engine added. The AOL-owned Netscape unit has emphasised the security features of the new version as a key reason for users to adopt it.

However, the Mozilla Foundation updated the Firefox browser to 1.0.4 several weeks ago, citing the publication of exploit code for two vulnerabilities rated "extremely critical" by security monitoring company Secunia.

When combined, the two flaws could allows malicious attacks to engage in cross-site scripting and remote system access.

Several key Mozilla developers have criticised Netscape over the apparent blunder.

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