Stay home and order pizza with new US Windows Phone 8 Domino's app

Remember when having pizza delivered to your home or business via a phone call was a cool and new thing? We do (and yes, we are old) but now more people are using smartphone apps to do the same thing. Today, Microsoft announced that Domino's Pizza has launched the first version of its Windows Phone 8 app for the US market after previously releasing an app for UK residents.

Microsoft's Windows Phone blog has the details on the app, which is available for download in the Windows Phone Store. It allows users to order from all of the menu items from almost all of the 5,000 US Domino's locations. You can also use the app to create your own custom pizza creation. One neat feature makes use of Windows Phone 8's speech recognition features to let users speak their orders into the app.

The Domino's app includes a way to track past orders and receive special online coupons from their local Domino's location. Finally, the app includes a version of the Domino’s Tracker which lets users the entire process of their order from start to finish. This is especially helpful if you are picking up their meal at a Domino's location and want to be informed when it's ready.

Earlier this year, we reported that every Domino's location in the US has two PC servers that run Microsoft's Hyper-V to handle their sales, a third of which come from the Internet. Microsoft's System Center allow just two system admins to remotely control all 10,000 of those servers, with no need for each store to have a local IT team.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Domino's

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