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Fresh iOS 18 leaks suggest huge AI-powered changes coming to Safari, Siri and more

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding the AI features that are rumored to be incoming with iOS 18. Previously, it was reported that the first set of AI features, or core features, developed by Apple rather than a third party in iOS 18 will run locally on an iPhone.

Now a fresh leak reveals how Apple's AI efforts will transform most of its core or first-party applications with iOS 18. In a detailed leak, Apple Insider has revealed that AI-powered upgrades that Apple is planning will be applied across all its core apps, including Safari, Spotlight Search, Siri, Mail, and Messages.

These AI-powered features will elevate the user experience while preserving the one thing Apple has been known for, i.e., privacy. Correlating with the previous news of AI features running locally on an iPhone, Apple's major feature in its AI arsenal is a lightning-fast, on-device complete sentence response generation feature.

Reportedly called 'Ajax' LLM, Apple's framework will analyze the text input at fast speeds and will offer multiple responses ranked by accuracy and relevancy. The Ajax LLM's feature of analyzing keywords and phrases at lightning speed will be a key element for producing text summaries for not only Safari but for Messages as well.

Apple's upcoming Safari 18 update is also expected to introduce a new 'Intelligent Search' feature. This would allow users to generate concise summaries of web pages quickly and easily. Apple's AI model also features remarkable integration with the apps, allowing it to pull information from saved contacts and calendars to craft contextually correct responses, which will also benefit Siri.

However, do note that higher-level tasks like creative text generation and in-depth response generation could still rely on cloud processing, which aligns with previous news where it was reported that Apple is currently eyeing a partnership with OpenAI and Google to bring AI features to iPhones.

Apple Insider further notes that Apple is still developing its AI models to cut down on the dependency on cloud-based processing, showing a clear dedication to user privacy. This would ensure that private user information remains protected. Apple is expected to unveil these AI features at the WWDC event later this year.

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