SwiftKey for Android updated with auto-incognito mode and other features

The beta version of SwiftKey for Android was updated about a couple of weeks ago, introducing a new ability for the keyboard that would make it automatically switch to incognito mode whenever a private browsing session was initiated, or sensitive fields were clicked in. Now, this feature has been introduced to the stable version of the app, along with a couple of other minor changes.

The 'Incognito' feature for keyboards certainly isn't anything new, with companies bringing it to their keyboard apps as early as 2016, which makes sense considering growing privacy concerns in the digital age. For SwiftKey, the mode should automatically switch on when InPrivate tabs in Edge, Incognito windows in Chrome, or any other such private browsing sessions are launched. Our testing has shown that while the new feature cannot be turned off manually when it turns on automatically, it can be switched on and off at will when typing in regular text fields.

Other changes can be viewed in the full changelog below:

  • SwiftKey will now automatically switch to "Incognito mode' when you: open a private browsing session and when a text field is marked as private/sensitive (e.g Telegrams "Secret chat")
  • New Incognito theme and icon
  • Search screen shot cropping is now smoother

SwiftKey for iOS was recently updated as well, bringing a raised capacity for Clipboard items, along with some fixes. The current build version for the Android app is and it can be downloaded here from the Google Play Store.

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