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Save 97% off the Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle

Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 97% off the Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle. Start honing programming skills with 46+ hours of Python — fundamentals, spatial analysis, web scraping, ReportLab, and more.

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This bundle deal consists of the following courses:

  1. Intermediate Python for Next Level Programming Expertise
    More About Python! Cross-Cutting Tools, Parallel Programming, Plotting Data, Expressions, & More
  2. Python Programming Bible: Networking, Email, GUI, XML, CGI
    Everything About Programming Python Applications & Websites
  3. Python for Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS
    Learn the Basics of Python & How to Use Them in ArcGIS
  4. Introduction to Python Programming
    Python Basics Plus Functionalities, Working with Data Structures, & Data Visualization
  5. Learn Python Programming From A-Z
    Write Code in Python, Create Various Scripts & Software, and Know How to Get Paid for Your Newly Developed Programming Skills
  6. Create Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms in Python
    Acquire Skills to Build Digital AI Agents Capable of Adaptively Making Critical Business Decisions Under Uncertainties
  7. Discover Python Programming with Hands-On Bootcamp
    Learn One of the Most Sought-After Skills of This Century – Python Plus Exercises & Solutions
  8. Web Scraping in Python: Master the Fundamentals
    Scrape Data from Web Pages Using the Python Programming Language
  9. Learn How to Make a Python ReportLab
    Generate Dynamically PDF Files Using Python & ReportLab

Here's the deal:

The Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle normally costs $1,791 but it can be yours for just $39 for a limited time, that's a saving of $1,752 (97%) off! For full descriptions, terms, and instructor info please click the link below.

Get this Python Programmer deal at 97% off for $39

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