All aboard for the next train to Dumbsville

Guess who's back, guess who's back...

Anyways, looks like there are still people around who defy the laws of evolution and continue to walk, talk and breathe unaided whilst still being able to commit the dumbest acts:

A bookkeeper for Michigan law firm Olsman Mueller & James has been taken for $2.1m by Nigerian 419 fraudsters, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The 59-year-old woman received a fax from one Dr. Mbuso Nelson of the Ministry of Mining in Pretoria, South Africa, asking for help in getting a cool $18m transferred to the US. We all know what comes next: the hapless victim set up a bank account, only to be told that certain expenses had to be met. Fuelled by greed and stupidity in equal measure, the woman dutifully wired huge sums to accounts in South Africa and Taiwan. Cue popping champagne corks in expensive Lagos restaurants.

Naturally, the promised $4.5m commission never arrived. This proved a tad embarrassing for the victim, who had funded the entire operation with the contents of her employers' bank account. Incredibly, her bosses only discovered the cupboard was bare when a cheque for $36,000 bounced.

The woman now faces up to three years' jail on 13 counts of wire fraud. Luckily for her, sheer idiocy will not be a factor in sentencing.

Sigh... sheesh... shakes head with disbelief :S

News source: The Reg

View: Woman falls for Nigerian scam, steals $2.1m from law firm

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