Apple iTunes 'overcharging in UK'

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has referred Apple's iTunes service to the European Commission on grounds that it overcharges UK customers.

The move follows a complaint from Which? that iTunes charges UK users 20% more than those in France and Germany. Which?, formerly the Consumer Association, also complained that the UK customers were barred from logging on to the French and German sites. The OFT is asking the European Commission to rule on the matter. It said the Commission was better placed to judge on the matter because "Apple iTunes operates in more than three European Union member states".

Free movement

Phil Evans, principal policy adviser at Which?, said it was a freedom of trade issue. "The online music market is a huge growth area; the Single Market should work the same in this market as in others," he said. "We're campaigning for free movement of goods and services in Europe and we'll take on any company, or group of companies, that seek to carve up the market to their benefit." No-one at Apple was immediately available for comment.

News source: BBC News

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