Celeron D fails to identify itself properly

Intel's Celeron D processors are reporting themselves as the older Celeron rather than the new ones. Intel made this announcement today to its OEM customers. Apparently when you boot up a computer with the Celeron D chip you'll see "Celeron CPU processor ...", instead of "Celeron D CPU processor ..."

Intel has told its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) customers that the brand spanking new range of Celeron D processors has just one problem - it reports itself as the old lamp rather than the new. Celeron Ds are based on the Prescott 90 nanometre core and use a 533MHz system bus and have a 256K cache. Boxed processor package and processor marking on the chip itself proudly bear the Celeron D moniker.

But when you boot a Celeron D chip up, it reports itself as an old fashioned "Celeron CPU processor X.XXGHz". As Intel itself puts it, "the platform BIOS and on screen branding algorithms" report the Celeron rather than the Celeron D brand. But don't worry, you really have got a Celeron D inside and in the first half of 2005, Intel will change the brand string so you can see it on the screen.

News source: The Inquirer

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