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Chinese manufacturers have already started selling cases, screen protectors for the Galaxy S6

The new Galaxy S6 looks pretty cool right? If you're thinking of getting one, you can already order a case for the phone thanks to Chinese manufacturers. Searching on Taobao - the Chinese equivalent of Amazon - there are already dozens upon dozens of different cases available from the cheapest starting from ¥1.6 (about 26 cents) through to more high end leather products. The cases are not available just for the standard Galaxy S6, but for the Galaxy S6 Edge too.

But that's not all. Considering getting a screen protector for the Galaxy S6? Well you're in luck - they're already making and selling those as well.

They're not all without their flaws, however. Based on the leaks the manufacturers received it appears that some totally missed the mark regarding the Galaxy S6's design. This includes the camera flash being on the wrong side (thus the opening on the case being reversed), the camera flash being below the camera rather than to the side, or general buttons being misplaced.

The overwhelming majority do appear to have got it right on the mark, however, which speaks volumes about the factories that never sleep in mainland China.

Interested in seeing more photos and details about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge? Our Senior Editor Andy Weir is in Barcelona and just went hands on with them in MWC - check out his impressions and the gallery here!

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