ComBOTS - Synchronized Instant Messaging

ComBOTS integrates rich media messaging, advanced telephony and reliable file transfer in one easy to use tool for PC and mobile. Simply drag large files up to 100 MB, hundreds of photos or folders with up to 1 GB of data onto a contact, and ComBOTS takes care of the rest.

Chat, audio, videoclips, voicemail, photos, files,... and access to all IM networks: ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber. Use ComBOTS simultaneously on as many PCs and mobile devices as you like (e.g. office, home, laptop, mobile phone). All your communication is available on every device, seamless and always up-to-date, just as you would expect. You will never again miss a new message, because ComBOTS saves all of your messages using server-based storage. New messages are delivered to all of your devices and not just to a single device that happens to be online or enabled.

At the same time, your contacts can send you messages (containing pictures, files, ...) while you're offline. As soon as you're online again, the messages will be delivered to you automatically.

Call with a click: PC to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to PC, Phone to Phone - everything based on your existing calling plan! Calling your friends all over the world for free from your PC is fun and saves a lot of money. However, it's inconvenient and impractical to use a headset, microphone, or a special telephone set, with ComBOTS you don't need that anymore! Just use your own telephone to make PC-to-PC calls.

File Transfer
Thanks to server-based delivery you can send files at any time – no matter whether the recipient is online or offline.
At the same time, others can send you files while you're offline. As soon as you're online again, the files will be delivered to you automatically. With ComBOTS you can easily send files to multiple contacts or also to groups of contacts. When sending the same file to several recipients, it is uploaded only once, thus saving time and bandwidth. ComBOTS also secures all transferred data using 256 bit encryption. This is well above Internet standards, e.g. 128 bit encryption for online financial transactions.

Send photos and files on the go, ComBOTS makes sending photos or files from your mobile phone a breeze: Take a photo with just one click, add some text or voice comment, and send it. ComBOTS ensures that all messages are always synchronized between your PC and your mobile phone, no matter where you receive, read or write them.

Download: ComBOTS
Link: ComBOTS Home Page

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