Dear Microsoft, please open up Kinect

Dear Microsoft,

If you were given a chance to make a dramatic impact across many facets of life, would it not be irresponsible to turn it down? If you had the technology to alter daily lives, improve our robotics and general quality of life, would it not be within your social contract to adhere to such calls?

Microsoft, while it may not have been your initial intention, you now possess this technology. The Kinect platform is much more than a gaming platform, it is a tool that has incredible value and put in the right hands can change the lives of millions. 

With your technology, that you have made affordable to nearly all individuals, we have witnessed what can be done in just a little bit of time. We have seen that Kinect can be used to manipulate robotics, control Windows 7, and many other uses for the hardware.

The possibilities of this technology are nearly limitless. The underground movements have shown only the tip of the iceberg of the true potential of Kinect. There are millions of uses that are waiting to be explored and implemented to improve the lives of individuals. Imagine how the Kinect could be used to help out soldiers who have lost an appendage to war, Kinect could be programed to help them to use a computer.  It could also be implemented to help children with disabilities who may not have fluid motor movements interact with others or help with physical therapy after surgery. 

The difference with Kinect is not that the technology is brand new, it's that you have finally made it affordable to the masses. While it is a positive sign that you are embracing the movement, the community is at your disposal. With a proper driver release you can unlock the potential and you can show the world that Kinect is one of the greatest developments this decade.   

Microsoft, the world is waiting on your next move. If you do not act on this opportunity, another company will, but it may be many years before it hits public consumption. In this down time, thousands of brilliant ideas will be lost, individuals with disabilities will continue to look for solutions that Kinect could fix, and as a company, you will have forgone your philanthropic duties. 

Microsoft, for a company whose founder is giving away billions of dollars to help out the world community, the community asks of Microsoft for an official Windows 7 driver for Kinect. Don’t hamper innovation, remember the spirit of the individual entrepreneur and embrace what you have and don’t limit what could be the next big revolution in the computing era. 

With your help, we can continue what you have started. We can take Kinect from a great gaming idea and change the world like you did so many years ago with the Windows operating system.  Don’t forgo this opportunity; the ball is in your court.




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