Debian 'Wheezy' receives final point upgrade

Debian 7 'Wheezy' and Debian 8 'Jessie' just received point updates, 7.11 and 8.5 respectively. These releases bring updates for security problems and come with a “few adjustments for serious problems.” The 7.11 release of Wheezy marks the last point release the version will receive as it gets adopted by the volunteer Long Term Support (LTS) team.

One of the most important fixes in this set of updates applies only to Debian 8, the 'linux' package (referring to the kernel) has had changes reverted which were causing issues on some systems that use Radeon graphics cards. Debian 7 mainly received security and regression patches, but nothing too noteworthy.

In February this year, Debian 6 moved to end-of-life status after receiving almost two years of extra life thanks to the LTS team, from April 26th, Debian 7 had officially come under the wing of the LTS team.

Point releases for Debian are very similar to Service Packs that are issued for some Windows releases. Users currently using Debian can just run the update manager and install the individual updates which brings their install to the latest point release, alternatively those looking to do a clean install can download a newly compiled ISO which incorporates the updates so they don't have to install lots of updates after the install.

Source: Debian & Debian | Image via Olimex

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