Global Hosted Operating System (Global Hosted Operating System) is a free browser-based hosted alternative to desktop client systems like Microsoft's Windows and Apple's OS X. With, all users need is an active Internet connection according to Zvi Schreiber, CEO of "The idea of having the whole computing environment on the Web has been a great idea for a while, but the [applications] haven't been there." That's changing, however, as companies like Zoho and Google rolling out Web-based word processors, spreadsheets, and calendars, Schreiber said. "The intention [of] is people are doing more and more of their work on the Web and less and less on the local [client]." Launched as an alpha version in April, the Web-based operating system is being hosted by Amazon Web Services data centers – a fully functional service is planned for this summer. uses Linux technologies along with freshly architected pieces in such areas as client-to-server connectivity. "We give you a single file system to keep track of all the different files you've got online," Schreiber said. Schreiber admitted his operating system can't compete with client operating systems and noted instead that is targeted at three groups: people who do not have a laptop, people in developing countries who cannot afford a PC or Internet connection, and people not permitted to install their own files on their computers at work. Possible growth opportunities include mobile workers, who could use it to access a personal desktop remotely. The company is hoping to generate revenues through affiliation with service providers like

News source: InfoWorld

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