Global warming : Whose tech should we believe in?

The Register has an explosive in-depth look at global warming using NASAs own numbers. The conclusion is that depending on which publicly available readings one uses, you could predict either catastrophic global warming or alarming global cooling.

"Which view is correct? Temperature data should be simple enough to record and analyze. We all know how to read a thermometer - it is not rocket science," says Steven Goddard. But the problem seems to be which thermometers does one choose to look at?

For example, the article points out that NASAs own sensors tell 3 different stories since 1998. The NASA satellite data sources show a slight global cooling since 1998. But NASAs ground based readings of specific thermometers shows an increase in temperature? Which one to believe?

The article takes an in-depth investigative look at how technology can be politicized depending on ones ideology.

View: The Register: NASA's peculiar thermometer

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