Google AdSense for RSS feeds launching

After ages being bought by Google, FeedBurner is set to launch AdSense for RSS next week, as reported on the company's blog.

Similar to AdSense for websites, it will display text advertising in the RSS feeds of the publisher. Meaning that if you a post in your Google Reader regarding anything (lets say mobiles); you will see ads related it (Verizon etc).

How is this going to work? The company explains by saying, "that publishers present already in the Ad Network will see premium CPM ads directly sold on their content; but with a bonus of targeted ads."–This means that you get loaded with the best of both; a dedicated Google sales force, along with added revenue that fills your coverage provides.

This might mean an end of a free fare for the RSS consumers but at the other hand it would trigger certain sites to offer full feeds as they can now be effectively monetized; as Adam Ostrow from Mashable comments.

Although the FeedBurner has been neglected for ages since its acquisition by Google, interest has risen to speed up the deal. This could very likely be due to the effective monetization and with Google's mammoth base of advertisers signing up, the idea very well looks closer to becoming a reality.

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