Google now more valuable than Microsoft

In the world of business, and especially in the world of publicly traded companies, bigger is (almost) always seen as better. Today, a company that launched as "just" a search website has now become larger, in terms of its market capitalization value, than a company that is much older.

The New York Times reports that, at the end of stock market trading today, Google's market value was set at $248.8 billion. That puts it ahead of Microsoft for the first time, which ended trading today with a market value of $246.9 billion. Neither Microsoft nor Google commented on this milestone.

The change means that Google is now the second biggest technology company in the world, in terms of its market value. However, it is also a distant second; Apple is the world's largest tech company with a total stock market value of $623 billion.

Many financial analysts see this development as an indication of Google's business plan, which concentrates on online services and products, as the best model. However, Microsoft has been slowly moving in that online services direction for some time, competing directly with Google with products such as Office 365, Windows Azure, and more. The launch of Windows 8 later this month, and Office 2013 in early 2013, will be Microsoft's big push into showing it is still relevant in the current technology and Internet age.

Source: New York Times | Image via Microsoft

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