id Software's Tim Willits Talks Rage

At last year's QuakeCon, id Software gave GameSpy a first good look at its latest major title, Rage. Using the new id Tech 5 engine, the game was presented with a setting of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and gameplay that would be part first-person shooter and part vehicular combat. We haven't seen much since then, however, including this year's QuakeCon, where id showed off a new two-minute trailer but nothing more. So to dig a little deeper, we cornered id Software creative director Tim Willits, who offered some insight into the game's setting and backstory.

"The game takes place in the near future after a comet destroys most of the Earth," said Willits. "You play a character from the past who wakes up in this new future world. There was supposed to be a plan to have been enacted to restart society but that plan has gone astray. It's first your job to survive the world, to learn about the world, and then to work with the settlers and different factions to fix the problem."

Source: GameSpy
View: ID Software

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