IE11 update brings performance optimizations, new developer features

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the 'August Update' for Windows 8.1 and it brought with it several new features but not all was perfect as a persistent taskbar is now showing up for some users. In addition to updates to Windows 8.1, IE11 has also been improved with a few minor enhancements that will improve your browsing experience. 

With the 'August Update' there are substantial improvements to the developer tools. The user interface, console, DOM explorer, debugger, emulation tool, UI responsiveness and memory profiling tools have all been updated with big fixes and new features as well.

When it comes to browsing, though, WebGL has been updated with support for ANGLE_instanced_arrays, OES_element_index_uint and WEBGL_debug_renderer_info extensions, the failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat context creation attribute, 16-bit textures, more GLSL conformance, and line loop and triangle fan primitives. All of these updates for WebGL means that the Conformance test 1.0.3 score has improved from 89.9% to 96.8%; in short, the browsing experience has improved.

There are also security updates included with the 'August Update' and out of date ActiveX controls from IE will be blocked as well; you can read more about the specific enhancements at the source link below.

While these might not be the most exciting updates for Internet Explorer, as Microsoft has shown, they are moving to incremental updates for all of their platforms and as they consistently update their products, over time, it creates for better experiences for the end user.

Source: Microsoft

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