Intel seemingly confirms Raptor Lake i9-13900KS 6GHz base clock, and 8GHz overclock

Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake launch is fast approaching according to leaked reports, and as such, plenty of information is trickling out here and there. Alleged details regarding the SKUs have surfaced, initially in the form of just basic specifications, followed later with more in-depth details. A few days ago, the accompanying Z790 chipset details as well as purported official Intel Raptor Lake slides were also leaked.

Intel Tech Tour 2022 event

At the Intel Technology Tour 2022 event today, Intel officially shared some more information about its upcoming Raptor Lake processors. The Tech Tour is for its Israel development center and the company spoke about all that it has achieved over the years at the Israel dev center, starting all the way back from the 8088 in 1979 to the latest upcoming 13th Generation Raptor Lake (RPL) Core.

The exciting part about today's announcement is the clock speed confirmation on RPL. While Intel has been consistently pushing up clocks over its last few CPU generations, this time, the company has gone almost all the way with Raptor Lake as it is now confirmed to feature an insane 6GHz base clock.

Intel slide showing Raptor Lake base clock is 6GHz and OC world record is 8GHz

Previously leaked information regarding the Core i9-13900K and 13900KF does not come anywhere close to this level of speed. Hence, it's likely Intel is hinting at the base speed of the Core i9-13900KS SKU where the KS samples are basically pre-binned chips that pack very high clock speeds right out of the box.

Intel Raptor Lake S official i9 13900KF 8GHz overclock

Intel has also revealed that an 8GHz world record clock frequency has been attained on Raptor Lake. The image above shows a 13900KF engineering sample (ES) running at 8.1GHz. The above image also confirms the 13900KF's Thermal Velocity boost frequency of 5.8GHz which had leaked earlier in slides.

Images via Jim McGregor (Twitter), Daniel Rubino (Twitter), @wxnod (Twitter)

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