Full alleged lineup of Intel 13th Gen desktop Raptor Lake including i9, i7, i5, i3 leaks

The Intel Core i3 i5 and i7 family of processors logo

At its upcoming Innovation 2022 event at the end of September, Intel is expected to unveil its Raptor Lake-S 13th Generation desktop CPU lineup. While plenty of purported details regarding the flagship Core i9-13900K and other i9 SKUs have leaked over the past few months or so, information regarding the more mid-range and entry level Core i3 and i5 SKUs have managed to elude us.

Today, an alleged picture was posted on Chinese social media site Bilibili which seemingly leaks the entire upcoming Raptor Lake-S lineup including their core specifications.

Alleged desktop Raptor Lake-S full lineup leak

The “Cores” column in the table in the image above signifies the distribution of the Bigger P-cores (performance cores) and Big E-cores (efficiency cores). It looks like the P-core specifications in the upcoming Raptor Lake lineup haven't changed over the 12th Gen Alder Lake chips.

The E-core specs however see some significant change as there appear to be double the E-cores in each of the SKU for Raptor Lake-S barring the Core i3-13100 which will seemingly feature the same core configuration as the 12100, basically making it a poor upgrade if we are to believe these specs. On the opposite spectrum, the Core i5s seem to gain the most with up to 8 E-cores, whereas most Alder Lake i5 SKUs except the 12600K had 0 E-cores.

Source and image: EP极致玩家堂 (Bilibili) via @harukaze5719 (Twitter)

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