Long-awaited Doom 3 hits the UK

The highly anticipated Doom 3 computer game goes on sale in the UK at a time of renewed concerns over the possible effects of screen violence.

The latest instalment in the bestselling series, known for its intense action and realistic violence, comes with an 18 rating. Developers id Software say it is the most frightening and gripping gaming experience ever created. Its release has also been marred by widespread online piracy of the game.

Sense of dread

Doom 3 is the second follow-up to the 1994 first-person shooting classic. It is one of the big titles of the year, the gaming equivalent of the release of a new Harry Potter book. The original Doom is credited with introducing 3D graphics, making gaming a much more realistic experience. So there is a great deal of expectation surrounding the latest version. In it, gamers play the part of a marine on Mars, facing a horde of demons released from hell by scientific experiments.

News source: BBC News

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