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LulzSec publicly attacks fellow hacker group Anonymous

The hacker group LulzSec, which has taken responsibility for a number of cyber attacks on various web sites over the past few weeks, is now publicly attacking a fellow hacking group, the well known Anonymous. Venture Beat reports that LulzSec's Twitter page, where it makes its many public claims, has been attacking the group via the 4chan.org image board. The 4chan web site itself has been hard to access today and its possible that LulzSec has something to do with it. LulzSec's posted up a note saying, "Just saw a thread on (4chan.org message board /b/) where they’re trying to hunt us: you /b/tards realize that we are everything you’ve ever tried to be."  So far there's been no public response from Anonymous to LulzSec's attacks.

This new development follows LulzSec's decision earlier this week to create Denial of Service attacks that targeted several web sites including the space based MMO EVE Online, the free-to-play action-RTS game League of Legends, the indie sandbox game Minecraft and the gaming news and review web site The Escapist. Today it also did the same thing for the Magnets.com web site. It has also launched a phone line that lets people leave messages and suggestions on what web sites the hacker group should go after next. The fact that LulzSec is now going after a fellow hacker group, and one as well known as Anonymous, could lead to some kind of hacker civil war between the two groups. Venture Beat reports that both LulzSec and Anonymous share similar origins.

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