Microsoft finally releases Edge Dev build with new features

Last week, Microsoft announced its weekly Edge Dev build with a ton of new features. Sadly, there were some issues that caused the company to postpone the update. But this week's update is here, so it should be good to go.

This week's build is, and it includes everything from last week and then some. A few examples of what's new from last week include Collections, built-in blocking of harmful ads, Windows 10 Share UI, and more. But of course, there are some things that weren't included in last week's missing build.

Here are the new features that weren't included:

  • NEW: To try to prevent scenarios where the browser launches but no webpages will load, it will now attempt to de-elevate itself when it detects that it’s running with administrative privileges.
  • NEW: Added UI to communicate that data cleared via Clear Browsing Data will also delete that data on other devices signed in with the same account.
  • NEW: Added a management policy to go to an intranet site for a single word typed into the address bar instead of initiating a search.

Here are the stability fixes that are new to this build:

  • NEW: Improved reliability of Application Guard startup.
  • NEW: Improved the success rate of importing data from Chrome.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where extensions were unable to be installed from the Microsoft Edge extension store due to a CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING error.
  • NEW: Fixed a crash during the first run experience.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where opening an IE mode tab sometimes leads to subsequent IE mode tabs that are opened after the first one crashing upon navigation.
  • NEW: Fixed a crash when using Collections.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where websites sometimes hang when loading.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes crashes after a webpage navigates somewhere.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where PDFs sometimes fail to load properly.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where attempting to delete multiple favorites or history items sometimes failed.

And finally, here are the behavior fixes that are new:

  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the default search provider doesn’t change when the browser is changed to a language from a region that uses a different default search provider than the current one.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the feedback screenshot editor’s crop tool doesn’t work with touch.
  • NEW: Improved the number of places single sign-on can be used.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where resizing a window with an IE mode tab sometimes doesn’t resize the IE mode tab’s content properly.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where pages are unnecessarily re-translated if the translate popup is dismissed without changing any of the settings.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the indicator to show that a page has been translated doesn’t appear during any of the subsequent translations if a page is translated multiple times.
  • NEW: Fixed some inconsistent wording in the popup that appears when an update is available to install.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where feedback was unexpectedly getting submitted when the enter keyboard key is pressed anywhere on the feedback submission dialog.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where dragging products from certain websites into a collection sometimes results in some of the data not getting added to the collection.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where dragging an item into a collection sometimes breaks the ability to select items in that collection.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where reordering multiple items in a collection also reordered items that weren’t intended to be reordered.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where images from a collection sometimes don’t render properly when sharing them via email.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where highlighting text in PDFs sometimes doesn’t work properly.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where favorites icons weren’t appearing on the favorites management page.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the window color sometimes doesn’t change when it loses focus.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where tab titles are sometimes hard to read on inactive windows.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where hovering over the tab close button shows an improperly sized button.

All of the new features will eventually make their way into the Beta channel, but since Beta has only been operational for a few weeks, it's not slated to receive an update until early October.

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