Microsoft prepares for Yukon, Longhorn

Microsoft on Tuesday announced plans for new development tools, as the company continues to lay the groundwork for its next major database and operating system software releases.

The software maker plans to release an update to its Visual Studio.Net development tool bundle, code-named Whidbey, at the end of the year, timed to coincide with the introduction of an overhaul to its SQL Server database, code-named Yukon. Similarly, a later Visual Studio.Net release, code-named Orcas, will be tuned specifically for Longhorn, the next major release of Microsoft's desktop version of Windows, which is expected as early as 2005.

Microsoft's senior vice president of tools and servers, Eric Rudder, detailed the company's development tools roadmap at the VSLive software developer conference in New York. A new release of Microsoft's development tools is typically a major event for Windows programmers. While other companies, such as Borland and Metrowerks, make Windows development tools, the majority of Windows programmers use Microsoft's tools package. And for Microsoft, the new Visual Studio.Net releases are especially important as the company gears up for major product debuts. The company relies on developers to build new software applications that take advantage of its latest products in order to create demand and drive sales.

News source: ZDNet

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