Microsoft revamps for better viewing on mobile browsers

In this age where smartphones users are surfing the web as much as PC owners, many websites have yet to launch mobile friendly versions of their pages. Today, Microsoft announced it has made some changes to its website that will, in theory, offer mobile browser users a better experience.

The post on the Windows Experience blog states that the new changes will allow mobile web surfers to view and interact with without the need to zoom in to read content or to zoom out to navigate on the site. It states:

Not only do text and images now scale themselves appropriately, but some content elements will close themselves to save space, so you can view entire pages at a readable size more easily. For example, tabs will become expandable sections, which you can open or close by tapping or clicking. The navbar also gracefully gets out of the way to save space, and you can get it back by tapping or clicking on its icon.

The new changes are also available in Windows 8 when the website is viewed in Internet Explorer 10 via "Snap View" mode. Hopefully these changes will be extended to other Microsoft websites in the future.

Source: Windows Experience blog | Image via Microsoft

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