.NET Shared Source Available

Thanks to BeeJay for the heads up on this by way of Back Page News. :)

Download and experiment with source code for key .NET technologies. The Microsoft Shared Source CLI Implementation is a complete implementation of the ECMA C# and CLI standards in source code form.

The Microsoft Shared Source CLI Implementation is a file archive containing working source code for the ECMA-334 (C#) and ECMA-335 (Common Language Infrastructure, or CLI) standards. These standards together represent a substantial subset of what is available in the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition to the CLI implementation and the C# compiler, the Shared Source CLI Implementation contains a cornucopia of tools, utilities, additional Framework classes, and samples. It will build and run on the Microsoft Windows XP and the FreeBSD operating systems.

System Requirements

On Windows XP you will need:

  • Visual Studio .NET

  • Perl 5.6 (available from https://www.perl.org)

  • Archiving utility of choice – WinZip or other

    You will need FreeBSD 4.5 if you work with the Shared Source CLI on FreeBSD.

    View: MSDN - The Microsoft Shared Source CLI Implementation

    Download: The Shared Source CLI Beta 11.4Mb

    This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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