New Coating Makes 2-Sided Discs Label-Friendly

Until recently, it was impossible to add text or graphics to the outside of dual-sided discs due to the fact that it contains optical data on both sides. Aside from the inner ring of the disc, there was no other space available for customizing the look of the disc itself... until now.

Providence, R.I.-based Spectra Systems has developed MediaCoat which allows text, graphics, barcodes or whatever to be applied to the "play" side of discs. MediaCoat is compatible with all prerecorded optical media formats, as well as the next-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats. The company also claims that the technology offers improved disc durability through increased scratch resistance.

MediaCoat is an add-on process that takes place at the end of a standard disc-manufacturing line, Lawandy explains. A coating is applied and cured, then an image is transferred to the disc using ultraviolet irradiation. A second coat is added to protect the disc from excessive exposure to light and to add scratch resistance.

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