Object Desktop 2005 released

Software developer Stardock has released Object Desktop 2005.

Object Desktop is a suite of desktop enhancement utilities that enable users to enhance virtually every aspect of the Windows environment. When these programs are put together, it is like having a future version of Windows today. Object Desktop 2005 is the annual milestone build of the suite.

The programs that make up Object Desktop include:

  • WindowBlinds: A customization utility that enables users to change the look and feel of the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) with their own "visual styles".

  • IconPackager: A program that allows users to change all of their icons in a single action by applying a "package" of icons.

  • DesktopX: A program that extends the Windows desktop to support true objects that can be combined to create mini-applications called widgets or used to create completely new and unique desktops.

  • Keyboard LaunchPad: A program that allows users to assign mouse and other actions to hot keys that work system wide. It can assign clipboard contents to a hot key.

  • RightClick: A program that allows users to replace their desktop menu with one of their own choosing that can have added functionality to improve productivity.

  • Desktop Gadgets: A series of useful mini-applications that can live on the Windows desktop that include a To-Do list organizer, Stock price monitor, CPU meter, memory monitor, RSS reader, and more.

  • Theme Manager: A program that integrates the various programs of Object Desktop (and third party ones as well) into a single interface.

  • Stardock Central: Allows users to access, a free service that comes with Object Desktop that allows users to get instant updates to all of the core Object Desktop programs along with over a dozen other Object Desktop programs.

The Object Desktop 2005 CD also includes SkinStudio and IconDeveloper; programs that make it relatively easy for users to create their own skins, icons, and themes.

Object Desktop can be used strictly for productivity gains or to transform Windows into looking, feeling and behaving like a whole new operating system – or both.

The programs that make up Object Desktop are in use by over ten million users worldwide. Companies ranging from Microsoft to GE Medical have licensed Object Desktop based technologies for their use. Alienware's new "Star Wars" branded PC includes Object Desktop based technology to give their PCs a Star Wars look and feel across the entire operating system.

Object Desktop 2005 is available on CD or can be purchased electronically. Users who purchase it have access to all the programs that make up Object Desktop (nearly two dozen) as well as all updates made to Object Desktop for a full year after purchase.

Object Desktop won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award in the May 10, 2005 issue.

Object Desktop's home page is

Screenshot: WindowBlinds in action

Screenshot: WindowFX morphing a minimizing window

Screenshot: IconPackager in action

Screenshot: DesktopX in action

Screenshot: Theme Manager in action

Screenshot: Stardock Central

Screenshot: RightClick, IconX, and gadgets in action

Download: Object Desktop home page

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