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Old Morpheus still works for unhacked users

Thanks Bob Dobbs, Hummer, and neo1980 for the heads up.

Older versions of the Morpheus file sharing utility still work, The Register readers have discovered to their surprise.

Earlier this month Music City Morpheus ditched support for the P2P stack supplied by developer FastTrack and embraced the open source Gnutella protocol, with the launch of Morpheus Preview Edition.

The move was accompanied by accusations from Morpheus that its users had been subject to a denial of service attack against its servers, and messages that changes its users' registry setting had made the service unavailable.

Music City pointed the finger of blame towards Sharman Network Services, the firm behind the KaZaA.com service, whose FastTrack P2P stack was licensed to Grokster as well as MusicCity's Morpheus system. MusicCity described FastTrack-KaZaA software as a security risk (or a vector for spyware).

Not so, says FastTrack-KaZaA.

KaZaA founder Niklas Zennstrom told CNet that StreamCast Networks, the firm behind Music City Morpheus, had failed to pay its bills, so the license for its P2P stack was terminated.

Sharman Network Services denied any involvement in the hacking attacks, despite evidence that someone with in-depth knowledge of KaZaA has been playing silly buggers.

News source: The Register - Old Morpheus still works for unhacked users

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