Outlook.com gets new features, brings 'undo' button to your inbox

Microsoft’s Outlook.com email platform has been growing steadily since its launch in July 2012. With close integration to your social media accounts and even Skype, Microsoft has turned Outlook.com into a portal for communication.

Not to be outdone by Gmail redesign rumors, Microsoft is introducing new features for its premier email service.  Over the next few weeks, your Outlook.com account will have access to advanced rule sets that allow you to meticulously create rules to make your most important emails, more noticeable.

For example, you can set an email that is older than three days from one of your contacts to be flagged as ‘important’. It's quite obvious why this is helpful as we all miss important emails from mom every so often and this rule-set makes these types of emails more visible.

Have you ever accidently moved an email to the trash or to another folder on accident? Yeah, we have too. Another new feature will be an "undo" button that will, as the name implies, allow you to undo an action. Sadly, the button will not recall sent emails that you wrote at 3 a.m. after a night out on the town.

In-line reply will also be coming to Outlook.com, which allows you to reply to an email within the same window as the message. This is a welcomed feature, as it makes reading and replying to email faster and is a bit less jarring for the user as they don’t have to be tossed into another section of the platform.

These are a few small features that will help to make Outlook.com a more viable email platform for the masses. Sure, none of these items will be considered revolutionary for an email service but with each update, the evolution of the platform moves a few steps forward.

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