Power BI On-premises data gateway gets set of new PowerShell cmdlets

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the October update for Power BI Desktop, bringing revamped Q&A, Query Diagnostics, new connectors, and plenty more. Last month, the tech giant introduced version 3000.9.194 for Power BI on-premises data gateway, bringing it more in line with the September update for the data visualization service's desktop version. For those unaware, On-premises data gateway enables efficient transfer between local (on-premise) data and Microsoft cloud services like PowerApps, Flow, and more.

Now, the Power BI team has rolled out a set of new PowerShell cmdlets for on-premises data gateways and data sources in preview. These light-weight scripts target automation of gateway management tasks.

Available in the PowerShell gallery, the cmdlets can be download in an elevated PowerShell session using the command "Install-Module -Name DataGateway". As usual, examples for usage of any of these can be observed through the "get-help < cmdlet-name>" command. Online documentation for these scripts is also planned to be made available soon.

As far as gateway management is concerned, the following cmdlets have been provided, along with a short description for each:

  • Get-DataGatewayCluster: Lists all gateway clusters for the current user or a specific one based on the passed parameters
  • Get-DataGatewayClusterStatus: Returns the cluster status along with additional properties
  • Get-DataGatewayInstaller: Lists users authorized to install and register gateways within the tenant
  • Get-DataGatewayTenantPolicy: Returns the gateway installation and registration policy for the tenant.
  • Add-DataGatewayClusterUser: Add a specific user to a gateway cluster for specific permissions
  • Set-DataGatewayCluster: Set properties of an existing gateway cluster
  • Set-DataGatewayInstaller: Modify list of users who can install and register new gateways on the tenant
  • Set-DataGatewayTenantPolicy: Set the gateway installation and registration policy for the tenant
  • Remove-DataGatewayCluster: Remove a gateway cluster
  • Remove-DataGatewayClusterMember: Remove a gateway member from the corresponding gateway cluster
  • Remove-DataGatewayClusterUser: Remove a user from a gateway cluster

The scope can also be defined for these cmdlets wherever applicable. Global Office 365 admins and Power BI service admins can, therefore, run them under a tenant level scope. "Get-DataGatewayCluster -Scope Individual", for example, would return the list of all gateway clusters the admin who input the command is administrating. Moreover, tenant admins can now also restrict the installation of on-premises data gateways in standard mode, using the command "Set-DataGatewayTenantPolicy -ResourceGatewayInstallPolicy Restricted".

With regards to new PowerShell scripts that can be used for management of Power BI data sources, the following have been added:

  • Add-DataGatewayClusterDatasourceUser: Add a user with required permissions for a Power BI data source
  • Get-DataGatewayClusterDatasource: Lists all Power BI data sources on a gateway cluster or a specific one based on the passed parameters
  • Get-DataGatewayClusterDatasourceStatus: Returns the connectivity status of a data source in a gateway cluster
  • Get-DataGatewayClusterDatasourceUser: Lists users who have access to the specific Power BI data source in a gateway cluster
  • Remove-DataGatewayClusterDatasource: Removes a Power BI data source from a gateway cluster
  • Remove-DataGatewayClusterDatasourceUser: Removes a user from a Power BI data source
  • Set-DataGatewayClusterDatasource: Set properties of an existing Power BI data source

Notably, PowerShell core version 6.2.2 or higher will be required to run any of the aforementioned cmdlets. If you prefer manual installation for the new module, the .nupkg file for it can be downloaded here. Microsoft be adding further management operations for the cmdlets in the future.

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