PS3 Gets Ready to Rumble With DVR

Prototypes of the new rumble-enabled PS3 SixAxis controller are already in the hands of numerous Sony developers, according to industry insider site Inner Bits - via A blog on the site where "game developers speak out" says that "new versions of the Sixaxis controller are quietly replacing the original controllers launched with the console." As well as being rumble-enabled, new controllers will allegedly have improved motion sensitivity. Sony is to launch a digital tuner for the Playstation 3 in early 2008, offering DVR-like functions to users of the console, reports

Warwick Light, sales and marketing manager for Computer Entertainment New Zealand, revealed the details to local website The Press, promising to "transform the PS3 capabilities so as to meet people's changing entertainment needs."

"We're also hoping next year – about the same time that Freeview launches its terrestrial broadcasting service – to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder," said Light. Freeview services are expected to launch in New Zealand next March.

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