Review: Thrustmaster Freestyler Board

The Freestyler Board has a realistic look and feel offering skate, surf and snowboard enthusiasts the chance to get busy in the comfort of their own home. The Freestyler board is 86 cm in length, and can support up to 120kg, perfect for most average gamers. With a non-slip surface, a one-handed controller with 2 triggers / 6 action buttons, and tilt sensors, you won't be playing the game; you'll be in the game!


  • Two analog buttons on the board for up and down moves

  • Non-slip surface for greater foot control and accuracy

  • Supports up to 120kg / 260 pounds

  • Tilt sensor for left and right moves

  • One-handed controller with 2 triggers, 6 action buttons (A/B/X/Y, b/w), 8-way digital D-Pad and Vibration function

News source: Team Xbox

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