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Thanks DO for sending this in, a email about his new section over at maxreboot. Also- whilst im here, thanks to everyone who sent in the news about the xbox price reduction- we got almost 30 emails on that topic alone!

Hello this is Digital Oracle from Maximum Reboot and I have something very special in this Info Blast. You may have been wondering why the News, Reviews and Download Blasts have been lately, this is because I decided to put them on hold for the development of a newly improved section at Maximum Reboot. This section is called Sniper and is a section dedicate to providing Tutorial, Guides and Tips for computers.

Currently we have one tutorial aimed at Beginners and Pros, which shows you have to build a computer from the ground up. It contains information on what to do before, while and after building a computer. Also we have two guides that explains and offers solutions to the annoying codes in Microsoft Windows. The first of these guides explains about the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) you get when windows stick it finger up and refuses to work. Secondly in the other guide which aims to help with the Error Codes displayed by the device manager and also includes information for people who have never used the device manager before.

Over the coming week this section will be expanded to include much more, but anyway, enough from me now, here is the URL.

View: Sniper Homepage @ Maxreboot

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