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The IBM Q Network has been expanded to push the envelope of practical quantum computing

IBM is one of the front runners in the research and development of quantum computers. After announcing a spate of tools geared towards making quantum computing more accessible back in September, last year, the firm shifted gears and expanded its fleet of quantum computers to New York and most recently, to Japan.

The tech giant has continued the trend at CES this year. Today, IBM announced the expansion of the IBM Q Network. The network now envelopes a net total of more than 100 organizations within it and the new additions include leading organizations across multiple industries, academic institutions, government research labs, and startups.

More specifically, the expanded IBM Q Network now contains, among others, prominent firms including Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Anthem, Delta Air Lines, Stanford University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, AIQTech, Beit, Quantum Machines, Tradeteq, and Zurich Instruments.

All of these firms will focus on the practical applications of quantum computing and will connect over 200,000 users to IBM's quantum systems and simulators that are hosted on IBM Cloud. Impressively, as a result of IBM's previous efforts, over 200 third-party research papers on practical quantum applications have been produced already.

Vis-à-vis the expansion, the Director IBM Research, Dario Gil, commented that IBM will be collaborating with its partners to solve societal and business problems, and that:

"Quantum computing will have a profound impact on key issues like finding new materials to capture carbon in the global fight against climate change, as well as the discovery of new chemistries that might power more energy efficient batteries."

The IBM Quantum booth, at GL-7, in Las Vegas Convention Center's Grand Lobby, will be open to CES attendees who want to interact with the firm's experts till January 10. For the full list of partners and more information on the focus areas of the research planned using IBM's quantum computers, you may check out this webpage.

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