The Keyboard LaunchPad released

Stardock has released The Keyboard Launchpad. A program that allows users to assign hotkeys to launch programs, visit websites, perform system commands, perform saved clipboard actions, control programs, and more. It's extremely useful and easy to use. Visit to download the free version of it.

For example, a user who wants to visit a set of websites very often can assign that website to Ctrl-Alt-W or Windows Key-5 or some other combination.

A graphics designer who uses a set of images on a regular basis can copy a graphic into the clipboard and assign Keyboard LaunchPad to paste that graphic when the assigned keyboard combination is chosen (Keyboard LaunchPad will save the clipboard item for the user automatically). This particular feature is also very useful for people who have a lot of "canned replies" or multiple "sig" lines in their emails or postings.

In addition, Keyboard LaunchPad comes with an SDK to extend what it can control. With it, users can assign keyboard short-cuts to perform complex actions in a particular application. Stardock has included the ability to control several popular MP3 players in this way as an example.

Download: The Keyboard LaunchPad

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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