Ubi Confirms Further Vegas Details

Ubisoft has today confirmed several details surrounding the fifth instalment of the Rainbow Six experience ahead of its Xbox 360 release next month. Integrating Xbox Live Vision functionality to allow face-mapping, Vegas will also include new features such as the ability to 'tag' an enemy (which is then assigned to one of the other Rainbow team members), together with new gadgets, and an emphasis on Observe-Plan-Assault (OPA) tactics. Enemy AI will also be improved as a result of the series' shift onto the next-gen platforms.

In addition to the solo Campaign, Vegas will feature an evolving multiplayer mode where new equipment can be unlocked, though details of the gametypes haven't been released. The mode will allow for extensive character customisation however, including body armour, weapons, sights, and physical attributes. It's also the title that sees Ubisoft's Montreal studio return to the franchise after a brief hiatus.

News source: TVG

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