VS.net Beta 2 CD's arrive !

I was actually thinking about this last night and to my joy this morning I found my Visual Studio .NET (7) Beta 2 CD's from microsoft.com/UK (see previous post here )

The pack contains the 3 VS CD's, the WINCUP upgrade CD and the demo/sample CD in a rather stylish flip case :P

From the cover letter

Dear Mr Richardson

It's with much enthusiasm that we present your copy of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Beta 2. There's a lot in it, and we don't want to slow you down. So here's a quick snapshot of all the goodies.

New Features

In addition to the many features of Beta 1, you'll benefit from powerful new features and enhancements including improved VB migration support, development life-cycle tools and third-party component downloads.

.NET Resource CD

Get coding for the Microsoft .NET platform right away! This invaluable bonus CD conatins extensive learning and technical materials for Microsoft .NET developers; code samples, demos, technical articles, white papers, sample book chapters and third-party resources.

Online Tour

Even Visual Studio gurus will benefit from this free online guided tour. And if you're new to Visual Studio, it's a must. You'll create your first XML Web Service and learn the ins-and-outs of the Solution Explorer, Dynamic Help, the Task List, Macros and much more. Check it out at https://www.microsoft.com/uk/msdn/vstudiot

Of course at this point they try to sell you a subscription to MSDN with the 20% discount flyer that comes with the pack. You can still sign up for the free pack, and now they seem to be offering a VS.NET basketball pack ??

Sign up: microsoft.com/uk/msdn

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