Windows 10 has been released to manufacturing

After many months of hard work, late nights, bug squashing, and likely a few tears, Microsoft has signed-off on the RTM build of Windows 10. The OS will now be sent out to select partners so that they can begin testing the OS, loading it on to hardware and getting it ready for consumers around the world.

While the company has not yet announced reaching RTM, we understand that Windows 10 has indeed reached this milestone, and The Verge is reporting the same information.

Microsoft has been working on Windows 10 for several years, originally called 'Threshold', the OS is the follow-up to Windows 8 which received a less-than-warm reception by consumers. Windows 10 breaks from the past with a new 'free' price tag for upgrades, becoming Windows as a Service, and the core of the OS now runs on every device Microsoft builds and supports.

So what's next? Microsoft keeps pushing forward, starting with the rollout of build 10240 to Windows Insiders. The engineers who have built the OS will begin working on the first updates that will be released as there is still two weeks between now and when the OS hits the market later this month.

While this milestone has been reached and a celebration is in order for the company, this also means that there is no turning back either. Starting later this month, the new Start menu, Cortana, and all of the other features of Windows 10 will now be used on daily drivers.

Windows 10 is a new leaf for Microsoft. With the past now behind them, it's time for marketing to do their job and sell this OS to the consumer in a way that will not only help Microsoft's bottom line, but get them excited about Windows once again.

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