Windows 10 is now installed on more than 800 million devices

It's that time again. nearly six months after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is installed on 700 million devices, the company is now confirming that it's on 800 million. As always, the bulk of that number is made up of PCs, but it also includes Xbox, HoloLens, whatever phones are left out there, IoT devices, and anything else that's powered by Windows 10.

You might recall that there was about six months between when the firm announced 600 million and when it confirmed 700 million, with a number of false alarms in-between. In that time, Microsoft actually changed the way that it counts Windows 10 active users. Other changes were made in the organization as well, such as Windows chief Terry Myerson leaving the company.

Windows 10 will be four years old this July, and as you might recall, Microsoft had originally planned on it being installed on over a billion devices in two to three years. The company later pulled back on this promise, citing its failing phone business. Unknown at the time was that Microsoft had planned to kill off Windows 10 Mobile completely.

According to the latest AdDuplex report, which uses telemetry based on devices that have apps using the AdDuplex SDK, just 21.2% of Windows 10 PCs are on the latest version, which was released late last year. 71.6% are currently on the April 2018 Update, or version 1803.

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