Windows Phone exec thinks the OS is "looking gooooood"

It was bad news for Samsung and good news for Apple in a San Jose courtroom today, as the jury found that Samsung must pay just over $1 billion to Apple for design patent violations. While Samsung will likely appeal today's decision, the consequences of the jury's verdict will affect the entire tech industry for years.

At least one Microsoft executive seems to be happy about today's court victory by Apple. Bill Cox, who serves as the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Microsoft's Windows Phone division, posted a Twitter message just after the verdict went public, saying simply, "Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now."

Of course, Samsung just happens to be one of Microsoft's hardware partners for Windows Phone and the company will be launching new products this fall that will have Windows Phone 8 installed. It's more than possible that, in light of today's court decision, Samsung could be rethinking its current Android hardware relationship and could see itself supporting more Windows Phone products.

Keep in mind that Apple's legal team used a Nokia Lumia based on Windows Phone 7.5 in their case against Samsung, stating, "Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone."

Source: Bill Cox Twitter page | Image via Twitter

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