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Yes, you can run Windows Phone on a MacBook, in case you were wondering

windows phone on mac

We have seen many examples of operating systems, apps, and games that can run on devices that were not designed to run on those products. That's certainly the case for the many, many times we have seen id Software's original Doom game running on various platforms, including Notepad, a calculator, and more.

This week we have seen another example of this kind of exercise. "Martin" who runs a YouTube channel called Nobel Tech, has posted a new video on his channel showing how he got Windows Phone running on an Apple Macbook.

The YouTube video (via Windows Central) more specifically shows the final version of Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, running on the unidentified MacBook via Boot Camp. The video doesn't show how Martin got Windows 10 Mobile installed on the MacBook, and the video description states only that it took "a bit of experimenting" to get this demo working.

The video clip does show that the UWP apps that were made by Microsoft for Windows Phone can scale well on the much larger MacBook display. We also see how the built-in Windows Phone apps like Clock and Calculator work while interacting with the MacBook. In addition, the video shows Martin go into Windows Phone's settings and switch over from light to dark model and back again.

Microsoft, of course, is no longer developing its own operating system for smartphone screens. Its attempt to make an Android-based smartphone, with the two-screen foldable Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 devices have also not been commercially successful. Even Microsoft doesn't seem to care about updating the Android OS in those phones to the current versions, although there is an unofficial Android 14 port for both of those phones.

It's also too bad we didn't learn more about how Martin got Windows Phone to run on MacBooks, but at least fans of Microsoft's abandoned OS have some new content to check out.

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