Working smartphone with a web browser and video calling created in Minecraft

Minecraft has been known to be a creative playground for many, and Verizon has just stepped up to the plate in a huge way by building a working smartphone.

Although Minecraft does offer a wide range of tools and almost anything can be built, there were always limitations when it came to interacting with the real world. Verizon took that challenge upon itself, partnered with Minecraft's brightest, and created a fully functioning smartphone. The smartphone is able to text/MMS, browsing the web and even make video calls.

Naturally, the imag you see on the smartphone's screen aren't the prettiest as they consist of the same blocky and pixelated textures that encompass the game as a whole. If you are interested in creating something similar, be sure to hit the GitHub link to learn how to incorporate some of the elements seen in the video above into your own Minecraft world.

Source: Verizon Wireless via Ubergizmo

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