Would You Get Caught? Go Phish!

A week ago, MailFrontier launched an online phishing IQ test to see just how many users would get caught out by e-mails they received. The results of the first week make scary reading. So far, nearly 12,000 people have tried the test - and 92% of them got at least one wrong answer.

In a similar US version, taken by more than 300,000 people, the average score was under 70%, The average UK user got seven out of ten - just 7% got them all right. In America, 96% got at least one answer wrong.

A MailFrontier spokesman said: "The 10 test emails are all real-life examples caught by our users. This means that, had they appeared in people's email systems in real life, a significant number would not be able to tell a real email from a fraudulent one."

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