WP8 users report excessive data usage thanks to built-in Twitter app

In case you’ve noticed some increased data usage on your Windows Phone recently, know that you are not alone. Microsoft has confirmed that there’s an ongoing problem with the built-in Twitter client that results in increased net traffic.

The problem has been noticed during the past week, with users reporting data usage spikes coming from the People app. It seems like the issues stem from a back-end change made by Twitter which results in Windows Phones downloading Twitter users’ profile pictures numerous times instead of simply using cached versions.

Microsoft is already working to fix the problem having made some changes of their own. The People Hub is now limited to downloading users’ profile images only once a day, so the increased data usage should stop. Of course, removing the Twitter account also helps users keep a handle on things.

However, this is ultimately Twitter’s problem and until they fix the issues with their own servers, Microsoft can only address the symptoms.

Source: The Verge

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