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This concept imagines two things we likely won't get: Windows 12 and Windows Mobile

A Windows 12 mobile concept

Here is a new concept video for those still daydreaming about a modern Microsoft-made mobile operating system. The video published by AR 4789 on YouTube tries to adapt the recently published Windows 12 concept to a mobile for-factor with UI optimized for smartphones.

This is not the first Windows Mobile concept the author has presented. About a year ago, they published a Windows 11 Mobile concept, which tried to merge Microsoft's desktop operating system with smartphones. The result turned out to be a weird mix of Android aesthetics, iOS widgets, and multiple Windows 11 UI bits.

Windows 12 does not exist publicly, but we already know where Microsoft wants to steer its desktop operating system and what UI changes it explores. Concept-makers took those ideas to their drawing boards and published a few neat and not-so-much takes on what Microsoft's next-gen Windows could look like, including its mobile adaptation.

While a Windows 11 successor could arrive in the near future in the form of Windows 12 or something else, it is safe to say that we will not see a resurrection of Windows Mobile any time soon. Sadly, a smartphone-sized taskbar with a Start menu button, Copilot, Task View, File Explorer, Microsoft Store, and other parts of Windows 11 is only possible in concept videos like this.

In a world dominated by Android and iOS, even a company that costs $3 trillion cannot compete with Apple and Google. Heck, even the Android-powered Surface Duo failed big time, unable to rival Samsung and other well-established players. Making smartphones is no longer a thing for Microsoft, which is now super-busy with adding AI stuff into every product possible, even into questionable things like Notepad.

With that said, it is probably time to let our failed Windows Mobile dreams go for good. Maybe they should start making concepts with Copilot integrated into the most absurd products and parts of Windows.

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