Your old GForce 3 is a TI!

Just to clarify some confusion that's been going on. NVIDIA are marketing two "new" features that the GF3 Titanium cards can do - 3D textures and shadow buffering. The truth is, these features were enabled with the recent official Detonator XP 21.81 drivers, so your good ol GeForce3 card supports these two features. Tom's Hardware has more on this:

"Here's the original comment of an NVIDIA spokesperson about this issue: "We are marketing Shadow Buffers and 3D Textures as new features because they are newly enabled in the software drivers. Honestly, these features are available on the original GeForce3 as long as one uses the Detonator XP driver, but we don't spend time marketing last seasons products.....we market products that we are selling now." I'd say that this comment speaks for itself."

Well I'm here to market these features for your old GeForce3, so don't throw it away just yet (just overclock it a bit and voila, Titanium style baby!) Click the headline to read Tom's Hardware review.

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