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Zoom deploys End-To-End Encryption, data-routing control and other privacy features

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Zoom is trying to offer a higher level of privacy for conversations. Besides introducing End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) in Zoom Phone and Breakout Rooms, the collaboration platform is also deploying other privacy-focused features such as data routing control, and in-product privacy notifications.

Zoom Phone, a cloud-based virtual calling phone system, is getting E2EE. The feature will ensure calls are secured with cryptographic keys that only the calling and receiving devices have access to. Users will be able to quickly and easily verify the E2EE status by sharing a unique security code with the other person.

At the moment, only Zoom Phone calls between users on the same Zoom account that occur via the Zoom client will have the ability to switch on E2EE. During a call, either of the users can select “More” and see an option to elevate the session to an end-to-end encrypted phone call. The elevation of the call to a more secured standard takes some seconds.

Account admins will have to enable E2EE via the web portal. PSTN methodology of routing calls isn’t supported. Additionally, both the callers will need to have automatic call recording turned off.

Zoom has also confirmed that E2EE for Zoom Meetings is going to expand to Breakout Rooms as well. Each breakout room will get its own unique meeting encryption key. Once again, account owners or admins will need to enable E2EE for their users.

Zoom started rolling out E2EE for meetings in October 2020. It was a response to a weird and concerning trend of uninvited guests joining Zoom calls. Zoom initially planned to deploy E2EE, a premium option available only to paid clients. However, eventually, the company chose to extend E2EE to every user for free.

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