2 Hardware Reviews: CDR/RW & P4/i845G Chipset

Here are 2 reviews sent in by their respective sites webmasters, they begged Neowin to get them posted here so do them the honor of having a look if the topic pleases you. Its a CDR/RW and a P4/i845G chipset review.

Liteon 48x12x48x Internal CD-RW Drive

3dXtreme is excited to announce our Liteon 48x12x48x Internal CD-RW Drive Review. Here's a blurb:

"I have been impressed with the quality and reliability of Liteon products for some time now. The Liteon 48x12x48x does not disappoint! This is the fastest CD-RW drive and the best price/performance drive on the market. Liteon continues to push the envelope by increasing burn speeds while providing a high quality product at a very reasonable cost. I've already seen this drive shipping for about $95 and around $100 shipped. If you're in the market for a new CD-RW there's no good reason not to look twice at this drive. You won't be disappointed!"

View: Liteon 48x12x48x Internal CD-RW Drive @ 3dXtreme

Intel 845G & P4 2.53GHz

Tweakers Australia has just posted an article about the Intel 845G chipset and the new Pentium 4 2.53GHz processor. I know it's a little dated, but still, I thought it would be worth publishing before we get into the retail board reviews. Here's a snip:

In May we saw the release of Intel's 845E chipset, the latest mainstream P4 DDR platform incorporating a 533MHz front-side bus speed teamed with the new ICH4 Southbridge. We also saw their 845GL chipset, still using the older 400MHz front-side bus and no AGP slot, but integrated video. Last but not least we were introduced to the 845G chipset, essentially a hybrid between the 845E and 845GL chipsets utilizing the 533MHz front-site bus, ICH4 Southbridge, AGP as well as integrated video.

View: Intel 845G & P4 2.53GHz Review @ Tweakers Australia

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