Breakthrough in Cross-Platform Game Delivery

Thanks my mate Timan who sent this to me while looking for Eskimo Bob.. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, TransGaming Technologies and Transitive Technologies will be unveiling a game-porting technology that can allow Windows-based x86 games to be simultaneously released onto multiple platforms including Mac OS X, PlayStation 2, set-top boxes, PDAs and wireless devices.

Transitive has have developed a technology called Dynamite that allows binary code compiled for one CPU architecture to run on another, completely different CPU architecture. The technology offers proprietary algorithms for optimizing the code to run at near native performance or even better. All of the translation and optimization is completely transparent to the user. The application will function exactly as expected with no awareness that Dynamite is even executing in the background.

Transgaming has developed a Windows compatibility layer that allows Win32 APIs to run on top of UNIX and X-Windows. Using this technology, Transgaming was able to shipp an optimized Linux version of The Sims in just eight weeks after receiving source code.

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